Retiring Janitor Moved To Tears By Kids – GNSOTD Friday May 24th 2019

You may be familiar with the saying “I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.” It’s a rule-of-thumb situation intended to help people avoid a caste system by lifting up those who would at times be viewed as “lesser than” because the truth is that everyone is deserving of equal respect. That’s what many believe including those at Sand Hill Elementary School in Carrollton, Georgia. Last week they gave one of their janitors a royal send off!


The staff and the 685 students at the school surprised John Lockett, lovingly nicknamed “Mr. John,” with a retirement party where he was given a cape and a crown and told it was “Mr. John Day.” Lockett, 83, had been a janitor at the school for over a decade; dutifully taking care of the school and its children. His official last day at the school is Today, but the school threw him the party a week earlier. “He was so surprised that he just cried with the kids,” principal Carla Meigs told “Good Morning America.” “It was so sweet. He is a very humble, hardworking, just dedicated to the job. He is as good as they come.” Mr. John said that while he loves the kids he is looking forward to spending more time with his own Grand-kids and Great Grand-kids after his retirement.


This is a beautiful way of treating the Janitor like a CEO, or in Mr. John’s case “King for a day”. You can find more about this wonderful send off for a beloved custodian in your Good News Story of the Day here. And remember to be kind to all those you come across today and every day, no matter what job they do it, is important and needs to be done, and those doing it should be respected.


Story and Image from Good Morning America.

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