Research Shows 2 Minute Workout Improves Study Time

It is back to school time and that’s going to mean plenty of people hitting the books to study. If you or a student you know ever find yourself struggling to take in the information on the page; consider getting in a couple minutes of exercise.

Researchers from Jönköping University in Sweden analyzed a range of 13 studies into the effects of exercise on people aged 18-35 conducted by scientists between 2009 and 2019 and found that just a bit of a workout can boost your brain power.

Writing in the journal Translational Sports Medicine last month, they concluded that between two minutes and one hour of aerobic exercise such as running, walking or cycling at moderate to high intensity, can improve learning memory, planning and problem solving, concentration, and verbal fluency, with the positive effect lasting up to two hours.

The researchers said there was a connection between exercise and “learning ability,” which suggests that exercising before you work or study could be beneficial. They did add that more research was needed to identify “optimal exercise strategies.”


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