“Quarantine Recipes” Sought After Around The Globe.

While we continue to safely practice Social-Distancing and keep in our homes, many are occupying their time in the kitchen. This was covered a bit in discussion around Peanut Butter Bread. We also talked about how some interesting statistics are coming out from the internet, such as the Most Popular Orders by Uber Eats.

Well now it’s time to combine those two and show you Pinterest’s list of the most popular recipe searches and pins on their site by country. They took their data and broke it down by the top two recipes for 17 nations and posted on a map.

Image Credit: Pinterest.

Here it is in list form:

  • United States: Navajo Bread and Shepherd’s Pie with Ground Beef
  • Canada: Asparagus Pasta and Canned Ham Recipes 
  • Mexico: Shrimp Aguachile and Recipes with Canned Tuna
  • Brazil: Blender Chicken Pie and Canned Sardine Recipes
  • Argentina: Fried Sweet Fritters and Salty Croissants
  • United Kingdom: Oat Flour Recipe and No Egg Cake Recipe
  • Spain: Homemade Churros and Burnt Cream
  • Algeria: Strawberry Pie and Baghrir (Moroccan Honeycomb Pancakes)
  • South Africa: Nann Bread No Yeast and Macaroni Recipes
  • Germany: Stick Bread and Wild Garlic Bread
  • Italy: Apulian Breadstick and Mimosa (Flower) Cake
  • Turkey: Banana Bread and Granola Recipe
  • Indonesia: Beef Floss and Potato Donut
  • Australia: Damper Bread (bread made with beer or milk and served with honey) and Curried Sausages
  • India: Palak Kofta (spinach and cheese balls in curry) and Puran Poli (sweet stuffed flatbread)
  • Japan: Healthy Gut Recipe and Deep Fried Lotus Roots
  • New Zealand: Easy 3 Ingredient Scones and Apple Crumble 

One stand-out among all these numbers is how many people are interested in bread! In one form or another it shows up in quite a few of the locations on their map.

If you’re interested in more from Pinterest, we do recommend you check out their April Insights.

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