Quarantine Bringing Families Closer Survey Says.

How often have you said “I love you” lately? Chances are if you are quarantined with your family you may have said them quite a few times. At least according to a new survey by MumPoll.

They asked 2,000 British parents about how the Quarantine is going and the results show that four in five parents believe their families have formed an even stronger bond since parents and kids have more time together during the lockdown.

The survey states: 50% of the families are getting together to play board games and make puzzles. Which can be a fun and competitive way to bring the family together for a few hours. Another 30% say they’ve formed book clubs and read together. Another 28% have begun family gardening.

Another benefit the survey notes is that more people (62%) are reporting their kids being more community-minded as a result of the pandemic, with about half of the kids running errands for their friends and neighbours.

The survey continues to discuss how this connection goes beyond the family unit as well, especially with regard to reaching out to those isolated in this time; but you can read more on that for yourself here.

Source: studyfinds.org

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