Principal Helps Student With Autism Through Last Day Of School – GNSOTD Tuesday June 11th 2019

There are some professions which are more than just a job, they are a calling, a vocation if you will. Ministry is an example of such, if you enter the Ministry because you wish to only work one day a week and have a position of authority it will not be long before you are found unsuitable to the task, one must be called to Ministry and willing to do far more than the minimum to do it well. Another such career is Educator. Teachers and Principals who only put in the minimum are easy to spot; they arrive at the first bell, leave at the last, put in no time at home, are unprepared for their days and know nothing of their students or their needs. But the opposite is also true, you can tell those who were called to teach, and that’s the case for your Good News Story of the Day today.


Last Thursday was the last day of school at Beye Elementary in Oak Park, Illinois. At that school there is a little boy, 6-year-old Matias Best, who didn’t want to go. See, Matias is on the autism spectrum and one of the things he finds difficult is transitioning. The transition between school and summer was a little daunting for the young boy that morning and he told his parents he didn’t want to go. Rather than fighting with him, they encouraged he try but proceeded with their morning and getting their other child to school. At the school a teacher inquired about Matias and when told what was going on they offered to help and so a video call was placed, but still young Mr. Best was not interested in leaving his home. That is until the Principal intervened.


“I was out and about after the bell rang, and I happened to overhear mom and the resource teacher FaceTiming, trying to get Mati here,” Principal Jonathan Ellwanger (Mr. E) said. “So I just joined in.”

“He said, ‘Mr. E, why are you on the phone?'” Best said. ” ‘You’re calling my house?'”

Ellwanger asked Matias if he’d like to know what was on the lunch menu that day. He asked Matias if he’d like to come join them for the last day of school.

“Then out of the blue, Mr. E says, ‘Well, buddy. Would it help if I just walk over to your house and pick you up to go to school? I’ve never been to your house!'” Best said. “And Matias is like, ‘Yeah! Yeah, that would work! Daddy, is that OK?'”

Mr. E asked Matias if he knew his address. Matias did. Mr. E told him he’d be right over.


As the writer of your Good News Story of the Day, which you can read here, said – What a beautiful example of humanity — guided by kindness, proceeding with grace. We can all follow that lead. The little things are big things. I love that.


So very true. Remember that some careers are callings and a vocation should not be entered into lightly. Find what you were meant to do and pursue it; the rewards can be plentiful for you and others.


Story and Image from the Chicago Tribune.

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