Potassium And Positivity In School Cafeteria – GNSOTD Tuesday Nov 27

It started as a way for Stacey Truman to tell her two kids that she loved them and was thinking of them despite not being able to see them outside of the weekend because of her work schedule. But then she decided to bring the idea to work with her. Now the kids at Kingston Elementary in Virginia Beach have the choice to pick up a lunch option that is good for their bodies and their hearts. Stacey Truman is the school’s cafeteria manager and she comes in early every morning to get the cafeteria ready and while she waits for her coworkers to arrive she takes a marker and a collection of bananas and inscribes positive messages on them to bring a smile to the kids faces.


“I want them to succeed in life and have an awesome day at school,” she said. “Whenever I can put a smile on all of those little faces, I’ve done my job.” So every morning she takes 60 bananas and inscribes them with her messages which the kids call “talking bananas” and she may be starting a trend, now that Principal Shewbridge has shared photos of Truman’s bananas on Twitter. When the Dole fruit company heard about Truman’s efforts in early November, they delivered 540 bananas to the school — one for every student. With help from volunteers all those banana’s ended up with positive messages on them.


Writing on Banana’s is a small thing, a simple act, but it can have an impact on a child. And when the sayings include everything from her favourite expressions “Shoot for the moon — if you miss, you’ll end up with the stars” to “Dream big,” “Be yourself” and “Laughter heals hurt” they can all be equally powerful. “To see the kids’ faces light up when they choose their bananas is my reward,” said Truman. “And now, kids who bring lunches from home are coming in with talking bananas from their parents. I really love that.”


But Stacey isn’t stopping with her talking bananas either; she wants to expand the positive options the kids have! “Why not emoji oranges?” she said. Why not, indeed.


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Story and Image from the Washington Post.

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