Police Respond To 911 Call & Help Out In Unexpected Way – GNSOTD Tuesday, Aug 6th 2019

There was a 911 call placed last week in Gig Harbor, Washington, when an individual was concerned about a group of people and potentially illegal activity – the police responded in such numbers that they felt a need to calm anyone who may have seen them gathered in the Peacock Hill area. So they turned to Facebook and posted the following:


If you saw a large amount of our deputies in the area of Peacock Hill in Gig Harbor this afternoon, please know that all…

Posted by Pierce County Sheriff's Department on Thursday, August 1, 2019


Yes, someone had called the police on a group of kids who were selling lemonade. Fortunately there was no need for use of force; the officers brought their pocket change to pay for the lemonade.


Obviously it is never a good idea to call 911 for a non-emergency situation, but also the person could have solved their concerns by simply investigating themselves and purchasing some lemonade from the kids and their mother. Thankfully the officers involved were wise enough to know that kids selling lemonade isn’t an emergency and were thirsty enough to bring a few friends along to enjoy a cool drink. Check out your Good News Story of the Day here, and then remember, if you see a lemonade stand, enjoy a drink, help out some kids, and don’t call 911!


Story and Image from Tacoma News Tribune.

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