Police Officer Takes Serve And Protect Seriously – GNSOTD Monday June 10th 2019

© Orono Police Department Orono Police Officer Matt Siltala mows a resident's lawn.

In Orono, Minnesota, there is a police officer who was on a call to check on the welfare of an elderly woman. What he found there inspired him to put the phrase “Serve And Protect” to a more full use. She was alright, but her yard was in a bit of a state. According to a post on the Orono Police Facebook Page, “She said she doesn’t have anyone to mow for her. He grabbed her mower and cut the front yard.”


In a Facebook photo Siltala is seen pushing a gas-powered mower Thursday through thick grass beside the woman’s driveway. An act that many able-bodied people would take for granted. But there are many who cannot do it for themselves and they also do not have anyone to do it for them, nor can they afford to pay to have it done.


“I cannot say how proud stuff like this makes us,” said the Orono police staffer who wrote the post. This should be the pride we all feel in our friends, family, co-workers, or ourselves if we were all to take the time to care properly for each other and especially the elderly in our communities.


Of course, a little good-natured ribbing might also help encourage such behaviour – “Not sure why Officer McCoy, who took the picture, couldn’t grab the trimmer,” the post said.


Perhaps one of the best bits comes from a commenter on Facebook when they wrote: “Kindness and compassion needs to be taught from a young age. Love wins again. Thank you to the officer who took the time to help this lady out. Remember everyone you will be elderly some day.” Important words to consider in your interactions with our seniors.


Find more about this interaction and how people responded wishing to give aid in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from CNN.

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