Plastic Bottle Caps To Build Friendships At School – GNSOTD Wednesday May 22nd 2019

Students at Twin Oaks Elementary School in Rocklin, California are hoping a three-year project will not only impact the environment but also create a kinder environment on their playground. It’s a bottle cap collection campaign that started off as an environmental issue with the kids just trying to keep a bit of plastic out of the trash heaps or the ocean and it ended up as something more. In the end the school collected 250 pounds of plastic bottle caps, which they calculate to be around 50,000 caps, and they also raised the money to ship them to Indiana.


Why Indiana? Because there is a company there which will take the plastic and reuse it to turn the bottle caps into what is called a “Buddy Bench”. It was the Principal’s idea which was presented to the students that the Buddy Bench could be useful on their playground. A Buddy Bench is a spot on the playground where students can sit when they are feeling sad, lonely or in need of a friend. “I really love the idea that if someone needs a friend, they can come over and sit down and make new friendships. In the past, it’s been hard, but a buddy bench can be much easier,” Twin Oaks Elementary student Jack Nelson said.


It’s a way of helping the environment and their fellow students who are having a bad day and it’s a wonderful thought and your Good News Story of the Day which you can learn more about with the video available here.


Story from KCRA Sacramento.

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