Plane Makes Safe Emergency Landing On Quebec Highway April 16th

There was an unusual sight on Highway 40 near Quebec City when a plane ended up becoming part of rush hour traffic on April 16th.

It seems a mechanical issue forced the plane to make an emergency landing and it didn’t quite make it to the Quebec City International Airport, so the small plane found the only stretch of flat land it could and made its landing a little south of the airport on Thursday.

Quebec resident Matthew Leclerc was able to capture the entire scene from the passenger seat of a vehicle on the highway at the time.

Merci Mathieu Leclerc pour le live . Arriver vers 10am ce matin . HWY 40 Quebec

Posted by Carl Samson on Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fortunately the pilot did an excellent job of putting the plane down and every single motorist on the highway did the right thing and gave it space. In fact they were all very calm and you can even see the few in view continue their drive as though nothing had just happened.

The pilot was not identified as of this posting but deserves kudos for a job well done in bringing the plane in safely.

Source: Freshdaily.

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