Patton Oswalt Responds To Insult With Generosity – GNSOTD Monday Jan 28

Caution: There is slight foul language in this story from Twitter postings.


Actor/Comedian Patton Oswalt does not shy away from letting his opinion known and is fairly active on social media, including Twitter, and when one of his many political tweets garnered a negative response from Twitter user Michael Beatty, Oswalt’s reaction was not exactly what one might expect.



When Patton began to read the feed of the individual who sent the aggressive tweet he found a Vietnam veteran who recently spent two weeks in the hospital with sepsis and diabetic ketoacidosis.  He said he coded twice in the emergency room on his GoFundMe page.


As Oswalt had said he did donate himself and many of his followers did as well eventually surpassing the $5,000.00 goal; as of this morning it is well over $45,000.00. Which Michael Beatty said he is going to pass on. In a tween he said he would be passing on some of his good fortune to his cousin who is also suffering from medical bills, he called the act the beginning of a “cascade”.


The situation eventually led to this exchange in which Oswalt encouraged others who might be inspired by the story to find their own way to aid others.



There are times when you will come in conflict with others, it is unavoidable, and in those times you will know your reasons and likely feel justified in them. But if you take a moment to recognize that the other person has their own reasons and likely feels as justified. Sometimes those reasons may not even have anything to do with you. Sometimes you might even be able to do something about it. Take that moment when you can and you might find you can help. And that is your Good News Story of the Day. You can read more about it here.


Story and Image from Fox8 Cleveland.

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