OPP Warning Of Recent Phone Scam Tactics

Phone call scams have seen a major surge in Canada in recent months, even with scam call centres in India being shut down, and it seems scammers just keep finding new ways to trick victims into handing over their money. The O.P.P are warning us against one of the most recent developments; the scammers now have the ability to program call displays to say “Ontario Provincial Police.”


They passed the information along in an announcement on the official OPP Twitter feed:



The tweet includes a video with a sample of the audio often heard in scam calls, featuring an automated voice threatening legal action against the caller, telling them they must press 1 to speak to an officer immediately. This is a standard scam phone call tactic that all should be aware of and report if received. The video also states that over 100,000 people were victims of fraud in Canada in 2018 and reminds us the best way to protect ourselves is to “just hang up.”


This latest tactic comes after a similar one last month, in which the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC), put out a tweet warning Canadians of fraudulent callers doing the same to them:



The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has previously given the telecom industry until December 19 to come up with systems that block or filter out some of these fraudulent phone calls. Some cell phone users may already have seen some recent changes, with unusual calls being listed as possible spam, and options for labeling them fraudulent afterward. If you do not see this sort of information or are unsure what to do when faced with these sort of requests for information the OPP gave very simple instructions – “If you receive a call like this, hang up. Never provide personal information including ID numbers, passwords or financial info.”

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