Online Fundraiser For 403 Crash Victim

On February 26th, Kendra Giglia, 20, of Hamilton; affectionately known as Stevie, was on her way home from university during the snow storm. Unfortunately she lost control of her vehicle and ended up crossing over the median and her car collided head-on with a transport truck, ejecting her 30ft from her car.

Quick emergency crew response was able to locate Stevie, who was found responsive but with multiple fractures all over her body and damaged arteries, and send her to hospital. After a 6 hour successful surgery, her friends and family are reporting that Stevie is on the road to recovery.

However; there are going to be challenges in her future and that is why some of her supporters set up a GoFundMe campaign to gather the financial assistance they believe she will need.

The page includes the following explanation: “Stevie is one of a kind. She has a caring, loving and very sweet soul and is always there for anyone that needs her. Now it’s time for us to be there for her. These funds will help with anything that she and her family may need during this very difficult time, whether it’s medical bills, accessibility tools, therapy, etc.”

As of this posting the campaign is nearing it’s $10,000.00 goal – standing at $9,255.00 – and it looks like they may reach it any day now. If you would like to support them in that you can find it at;

Information and Image from GoFundMe.

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