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When a post appeared on the Dogspotting Society Facebook group, back in November, most likely didn’t think much of it. A group dedicated to discussing dogs and all things wonderful about them sees plenty of traffic on its page; but this post was a bit special. It was by Facebook user Stephen Shkuratoff of Calgary, Canada, who wanted to know what people’s dogs were like. Not what they looked like, or what colour they were – because Stephen is blind and such description wouldn’t help him. He wanted to know about personality traits, or how soft their furry friends are, and he offered bonus points for pups that are full of kisses and snuggles.


The post has gone viral, a rarity for posts without video or images, with over 2,000 comments and 8,000 reactions. People are loving how it is just a genuinely sweet question to ask dog owners and how the responses sometimes seem like love letters to their four-legged family members.


Such as Fiona Ness’ response – “My dog, Gemma, is a St. Bernard. She is about 115 pounds, so not big for her breed. She is big enough that she can rest her chin on the dinner table. She is very fluffy and soft, almost as soft and fluffy as when she was a puppy, even thought she just turned 6, and has a big fluffy white tail. Gemma is very cuddly and likes it when I sit on the floor so she can come and curl up in my lap. She likes to jump up on my bed and cuddle, and will reach out her paw repeatedly until she gets it in my hand, like she is holding hands.”


or Katie Allyn Smith who said “Maze is a little muscle-packed turbo charged tank. She’s endlessly excited and ridiculously stubborn. Her ears are like velvet and her belly is smoother than a marble. I love the spot above her lip and under her nose where they meet. That spot is so soft and has such a unique feel. Her tail knocks over anything in its path. She is the destroyer of worlds.”


This kind of affection for one of God’s creatures is certainly worthy of being your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here if you are looking for some warm and cuddly feelings Today, and even more so when you realize how much joy it brings to everyone involved. Shkuratoff was especially moved by the group’s excited and thoughtful reaction to his ask and is grateful to find an accepting community of fellow dog lovers. “All these descriptions are so lovely and I am very thankful,” he said after reading through the overwhelming number of responses.


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