One Student Inspires School To Learn New Skill – GNSOTD Monday June 3rd 2019

At Dayton Consolidated School in Maine, one student has inspired a big change to the curriculum. Morey Belanger, a 6-year-old kindergartener, is the school’s first deaf student. This meant there was a need for a different sort of communication, and rather than simply assigning Morey with an interpreter, the school installed a hearing assistive system and implemented extra teacher training to incorporate sign language into every classroom, including core subjects, music and computer class.


Beyond that the school took the opportunity as a way to teach all of the students a new skill as well. Sign language posters now line the walls of hallways, and students have learned how to sign more than 20 words including colors, letters and words related to school. It is the kind of inclusion that feels real instead of forced. According to Morey’s mother, Shannon Belanger, it is working for the family, “I absolutely feel like it makes her feel welcomed,” Belanger said. “I think all the kids feel excited that they know another language and I think they think it’s fun.”


Welcoming a new friend and learning a new language and a new skill has been embraced by the whole student body. In fact as a reward for all the hard work of the students in learning their new language the school invited a Princess Cinderella to join them for a performance and was joined by Morey who also loves to sing. The two sang, and signed, to the kids and the school captured it on Video and shared it on their Facebook page.


Our community has embraced American Sign Language- many staff and students learning additional sign on their own. As a thank you and as a way of reminding our students that ASL goes beyond our walls, Cinderella paid a visit and sang us a song while using ASL. Thank you to Rent a Princess for donating your services!

Posted by Dayton Consolidated School on Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Video by Dayton Consolidated School on Facebook.


It is a beautiful and wonderful example of love and acceptance and it’s your Good News Story of the Day which you can read even more about here. Practice this level of love in your life. View every new introduction not as an obstacle but an opportunity to learn, love, and grow.


Story and Image from CTV News.

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