No Theft When Store Left Open – GNSOTD Tuesday Mar 5 2019

It has been called very Canadian by many outlets and the story has been circling social media so much that it can’t NOT be a Good News Story of the Day. Back on Family Day, Feb 18, in Kingston there was a grocery store that had failed to lock up their doors the night before. Being a holiday that meant there was no one to tell customers the store was open or to look after the place once they began arriving to the closed, yet unlocked, store.


Police were called when someone noticed people kept showing up and there were no employees present and when they arrived the directed people that the store was closed and to go about their day. But when a check of the store was done there was no sign of any harm or damage, no ransacking or vandalism, and so when the manager arrived they said to report any signs of theft and left. All this time has passed and no report has been made, and for one simple reason; there was no theft.


Despite being unlocked all night and for a good portion of the day and more than a few people coming by the store nothing was stolen. Most came, saw there were no employees and left, a few stayed and did some shopping and left money for the goods they took. One elderly woman who walked to the store with a small list of groceries did her shopping, took note of what she picked up, left a list and an IOU and returned the next day to pay in full.


This might seem astounding, “It’s rare anywhere. We’re pretty impressed with our citizens that they’d be so honourable, honest so as to leave a bunch of money for the groceries they were taking.” said Ash Gutheinz of Kingston Police. But according to a frequent shopper at the store Rachel Friars “Most of us are regulars at this grocery store. We know the cashiers, we know the people who work here,” Friars said. “So it’s not necessarily something that we’d do — just leave without paying.” Which when you think about a community store where your face is recognized, this makes sense. But that doesn’t change how considerate and thoughtful it all was and a spokesperson for the store acknowledged that “We would like to extend our gratitude to the customers who visited us on Family Day for their respectful patronage at our store.”


This is the kind of things Canadian’s can be known throughout the world for. It’s the kind of Canada we should work to keep around. This is the Canada anyone would be and should be proud of.


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Story from Global News.

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