No Sensitive Santa This Year

It’s been a tradition for a couple of years that has helped children get a moment of peace with Santa. But, sadly, due to the Pandemic the City of Brantford will not be able to offer the Sensitive Santa program 2020.

If you are unfamiliar this is a program for children who need a calm environment where lights are dimmed, music is turned off, and there are no loud lines of children to contend with. That’s any child with sensory sensitivity.

That doesn’t mean there are not ways to connect even these little ones with Santa, you could always try one of the following:

  • 🎄 Use your Smart Device: Ask Alexa, Google or Siri to call Santa. You can also ask questions about the North Pole, the reindeers and the elves.
  • 🎄 Lynden Park Mall Santa Photo Booth.
  • 🎄 Set up a Jingle Ring message or live video call with Santa at
  • 🎄 Posing with your child in front of an image of Santa on the TV, if you really need a picture to keep.

There might not be a Sensitive Santa to get up close to


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