Newspaper Deliveryman Brings More Than Paper – GNSOTD Wed, Apr 1st 2020

In New Jersey, where they are sheltering-in-place to avoid further spread of the COVID-19 Coronavirus, there are some who must still go about their jobs. One of those is Greg Dailey, a newspaper deliveryman, who brings important news to the doorsteps of many in the township of Cranbury. But lately he’s been doing a little more than that.

It began when he noticed that an older customer didn’t want to walk down to the sidewalk to pick up her morning newspaper, it made him think there must be plenty of people on his route who were afraid to leave their home — even for necessities. A few days later he was at the store and couldn’t stop thinking of her. “I called her up and said, ‘Hi, this is Greg, your newspaper guy — I’m at the store, do you need anything?’ ” Dailey said. “She asked me to pick up a couple of things, and then she called me back and said, ‘Could you also get some brown eggs and bananas for the Millers across the street?’ ”

That’s when he decided to deliver a message to all 800 people of his newspaper customers.

“My name is Greg Dailey and I deliver your newspaper every morning,” the note began. “I understand during these trying times it is difficult for some to get out of their house to get everyday necessities. I would like to offer my services free of charge to anyone who needs groceries, household products, etc. I will be shopping at ShopRite and [McCaffrey’s] and can deliver the goods directly to your front door.” This act has helped more than a few on and off of his normal route.

Sandy (72) and John Driska were doing as they were supposed to and staying home, but they were also running low on groceries. Going out for food shopping seemed precarious since she had bronchitis and he was fighting Parkinson’s disease. That’s when she heard about Greg’s note through a friend who subscribed. She took him up on the offer and has not regretted it; “What a godsend this man has been,” she said.

He doesn’t charge customers for his delivery service, but payment has come in other forms — smiles, appreciative notes and offers to pay it forward, he said. And that makes this worth being your Good News Story of the Day. You can read more about Greg here; but remember you too can be God sent. Requests for help can be found everywhere; including CareMongering Brantford. You can also find offers of assistance if you are in need.

Story and Image from The Washington Post.

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