New Jersey Resident Celebrates 100 Years On 25th Birthday – GNSOTD Monday, Mar 2nd 2020

Angie Crognale, originally from Port Norris, New Jersey, was born in 1920, as the daughter of two Italian immigrants. She moved into Cardinal Village, an independent and assisted living home in Sewell, New Jersey, in 1994 at the age of 76. She has been the longest residing person at the home and has made quite a few friends in her years there. She was even recognized by former president George W. Bush for her volunteerism within the community having worked for years at the in-house convenience store.

She also celebrated her 25th Birthday on Saturday. Born on February 29th 1920, Angie is a Leap Baby. That means she has only technically had 25 actual dates of birth in her 100 years of life.

When asked what she remembers about the 20’s she said “Nothing” but continued, “I remember the 30s. I remember the Depression. I remember I didn’t have a penny to go buy a pretzel,” Crognale said. “That is how bad it was.”

Let us pray that we never see the like again, and enjoy that we still have the wisdom of those who did to encourage us to better. You can learn more about Angie in your Good News Story of the Day, here. But as we go forward let’s also remember her wisdom on how to she believes more of us could see our 25th Leap Year. “Be nice to everybody,” she said. “Live well. Stay nice and calm. Don’t let anything bother you. That’s it. That is the story of my life.”

Story and Image from ABC News.

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