New Hashtag Challenge More Helpful Than Harmful – GNSOTD Tuesday Mar 12 2019

By now we should all be familiar with hashtag challenges that make their way around social media, or as it is commonly known: go viral. Most have been fairly harmless with a few being linked to some very unfortunate or dangerous instances. The most recent to make the public eye was the Bird Box challenge which started off seemingly harmless but quickly turned into something dangerous as people began doing increasingly stupid stunts while blindfolded.


But now there is a new viral challenge which is neither harmful nor insipid but is instead incredibly mindful and helpful. It’s the #Trashtag challenge and it took off over the weekend and seems to be inspiring many people to do something positive in the environment in their area.


The idea behind ‘trashtag’ is that you are to take a photo of an area covered in litter and then take another photo after having cleaned up the space. It was inspired by a post on Instagram by TheScientistFacts which challenged “bored teens” directly.



Like many online challenges it has spread and there are now many people posting those before and after photos and you can find out more about this challenge, the response, and how long it has been around in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from Time.

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