New Drive Thru Boards At Restaurant Brand International Restaurants

It looks like there could be new drive-thru experience coming to Restaurant Brand International’s various chains; including Burger King, Tim Hortons, and Popeyes.

The company has already begun testing new digital menu boards with “predictive selling” technology that will allow for personalized promotions based on factors like previous orders, the time of day and even local weather. The menus will also be integrated with restaurant loyalty programs, so they’ll be able to display a customer’s recent and favorite purchases. These boards have been installed at some test locations and could be expanded across the United States and Canada.

RBI is also testing remote, contactless payment on its drive-thru boards. A prototype has already been installed at one Tim Hortons location in Canada, and the company will add 15 more restaurants to the test by January.

They showed off the technology in a simulated drive-thru run video on YouTube.

Video: Burger King | Restaurant of Tomorrow
From: YouTube
By: Burger King

Now if only the digital menus could tell you when they are out of an item before you have to ask!


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