NEOWISE Comet Visable Early Morning This Week And Evening Next Week

If you’re willing to get up early this week, you’re in for a magnificent sight: an early morning comet. Comet NEOWISE was at first visible only through powerful telescopes. But it has recently brightened enough to be seen through binoculars or powerful camera lenses.

The comet rises in the northeast around 3:30 a.m. and climbs until sunrise. You can find it by looking northeast toward the constellation Auriga and looking a bit below it.

Now if you’re not an early riser you may just have to wait. Because starting on July 12th it’s going to transition to an evening viewing comet. That is if it stays together. If it does then just after sunset, roughly 10 degrees above the northwest horizon. Look to the bowl of the Big Dipper and follow it toward the horizon.

Find more about the comet and how to view it in our source.

Source: CBC.

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