Music For Neighbour In Ohio – GNSOTD Wed, Mar 18th 2020

In Columbus, Ohio, in the Clintonville neighbourhood, there are two small kids who have been hauling a couple big instrument across Erie Road, dressed in their best. Those would be Taran Tien, who is all of nine, and sister Calliope, who is 6 and happens to be missing her two front teeth right now.

The reason? They wanted to play a full concert promptly at noon on their neighbour’s large porch. That neighbour is Helena Schlam, 78, and at her children’s insistence, is under a self-imposed quarantine.

So the kids carried their cello’s across and played for a half an hour from their music books. They played everything from a Bach minuet, to “Go Tell Aunt Rhody.” “It was so delightful. It was a little cold but I just put on an extra coat,” Schlam said with a laugh. “The kids are really quite talented and it was so much fun.”

And being safe about it was no trouble as Schlam’s porch is large, so everyone could keep their required distance. You can even see as much in a viral video which has been shared on Twitter.

The kids mother, Rebecca Tien said the concert proved therapeutic in more ways than one. “Obviously I am proud of my kids for doing something kind and I’m glad for them to have that experience and get out and do something exciting in these strange times,” she said, her voice breaking. “But it also is important because it shows we can still have connections right now. I needed that reminder, too.”

It was a way for some neighbours to gather together that was safe, and spirit lifting. Something we could use more of, and it is your Good News Story of the Day; find it in full here. Give it a read and take heart that we can still uplift each other in these times. As Schlam said: “This was a delightful break for all of us. I love all the kids and I love music. It was such a real gift.” What gifts do you have that you could share even now?

Story and Image from The Columbus Dispatch.

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