Mother And Teacher’s Loss Leads To Gift To Kids Around The US – GNSOTD Friday, Oct 18th 2019

A loss of an important member of a community can often leave a big hole with no idea of how to fill it. When that person is a mother of 5 and educator to dozens more, the impact is felt in families all over. That is what happened when Hindi Krinsky, an English teacher at Hebrew Academy of the Five Towns and Rockaway High School in Lawrence, NY, died at age 32 of complications from Crohn’s disease in August 2018. She left behind her husband Dovid Kanarfogel, 35; triplets Eliana, Hudi and Ezra, aged 9; Dorit, 5; and Abie, 3.


“Hindi was a beautiful, brilliant, and unique woman,” her friend Leslie Gang tells PEOPLE. “She had the ability to inspire and empower those around her even from a brief conversation. She emanated a tremendous sense of confidence and complete originality that was evident to anyone who encountered her. Because of the impact she had on, literally, everyone who knew her, everyone was numb for a while, even those who only shared a few moments with her throughout her life,” Gang says. “Hindi was a special woman — people like her don’t come around very often.”


But there was an idea that occurred to Dovid and Leslie of something they could do; they could build a library in the triplets school in her memory. So they sent out the call, hoping for a few books, and were astounded by the response; after a few weeks there were over 250 books. That’s when they got the idea to think a little bigger. They created the nonprofit Hindi’s Libraries to donate new and gently used children’s books to 300 organizations throughout the U.S., Puerto Rico, and Israel.


Since then they have collected and donated more than 40,000 books. This is the kind of legacy a mother and educator could be proud of. And one that her friends and family are astounded by including Leslie Gang; “Hindi empowered those around her: students, friends, colleagues, and family,” she says. “By using her passion and drive as fuel, together we are putting smiles on the faces of thousands of children throughout the world, by giving them the gift of literacy, and I hope Hindi would be proud of that.” Read more about it in your Good News Story of the Day, here. And remember – “We can make a difference. We can make an impact. We just have to try, and sometimes be a little bit crazy,” Gang says.


Story and Image from People.

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