Monkey Steals Smartphone Creates Own Incriminating Evidence

A Malaysia resident whose phone temporarily went missing said the device turned up in his yard loaded with new photos — including some selfies snapped by a monkey.

Zackrydz Rodzi said he believes a monkey came into his house while he was asleep and took his phone outside, where the primate apparently played with the device and inadvertently snapped some selfie photos and videos.

One video appears to show the monkey attempting to put the phone into its mouth.

Monkey steals phone and takes selfies

MONKEY BUSINESS: A Malaysian man says a thief stole his phone, took pictures, and shot video. The thief isn't quite who you'd expect.

Posted by CBS News on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

He was later able to find his phone in the backyard, and according to his twitter account he washed it several times.


Image from @Zackrydz on Twitter.

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