Minnesota Bakery Helping Hundreds Celebrate Milestone – GNSOTD Tue, May 19th 2020

Hanisch Bakery and Coffee Shop in Red Wing, Minnesota, will have a mountain of work to do to fulfill a big order they received after a not-so-small act of kindness. Owner Bill Hanisch made a decision that he wasn’t going to let the graduates in his home town go without a celebration for their Graduation.

That’s when he decided he was going to make 200 free cakes for each senior so they could celebrate with their families at home. “Our seniors are going to be missing out on so much, so many opportunities and events, that I just felt like I needed to do something. And cake makes people happy,” Bill said.

But word spread about his good deed and suddenly that order became much larger. Now he has to make 800 graduation cakes to go to 12 schools across 2 states in just 5 weeks. He is not daunted by the task; he has a history to remind him why it is important.

Hanisch was born and raised there and is a member of the Red Wing High School class of 1998. He began working at his parent’s bakery when he was 15. “I think back to my graduation party and the cake that I was given by the bakery staff. It was a cake made out of sponge. The graduation cake is one of those things that was always important. To have a graduation cake and celebrate what you’ve accomplished in the last 14 years,” he recalled.

And he’s not footing the entire bill for the 800, two-layer, round, 7-inch cakes, decorated in school colors; as mentioned he has received calls from around Minnesota, as well as Wisconsin, from private benefactors, area businesses and school districts wanting to buy cakes for high school graduates in both states. And Hanisch is only charging for labor and ingredients; he’s not making a profit.

It’s your Good News Story of the Day about a good man who is putting his own skills to use to help those around him get through a tough situation. You can read all about it here. Check it out for even more on the story!

Bill Hanisch is all about putting smiles on others faces; and deserves recognition for it. Also he gives a good reminder about celebrations during this pandemic – “You can still celebrate with your immediate family and what’s a better way than with cake?”

We’ll have a slice of that.

Story and Image from CNN.

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