Military Dog Reunites With Best Friend On Video – GNSOTD Tue, May 26th 2020

U.S. Army Sargeant Jake Ferkin worked with his military dog Iskra for years, touring the world from New York, to Jerusalem, to Sicily; in his own words “With his best friend”, as well as serving a tour in Iraq.

Then in 2018 they were separated, which can be the end of these relationships, and quite difficult for both partners. But this past weekend in Boerne, Texas, a video recorded the reunion of the two best friends.

This was all thanks to Mission K9 Rescue who picked the 10 year old pup up in Fort Myer, Virginia, and drove the 1,600 miles for the reunion.

This organization does this for all kinds of dogs; they basically will rescue, re-home, rehabilitate, repair, or reunite working dogs. God bless these people, they helped bring us your Good News Story of the Day. Which you can find all about here.

A retired military dog deserves a good life, and if it can be with the human they loved and trusted more than any other; who knows exactly how to take care of them? Then that seems like the best thing.

Story and Image from KENS 5.

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