Miami Beach Garbage Collectors Celebrated By Community – GNSOTD Mon, June 29th 2020

There are many parts of community we have celebrated for their tireless efforts during this Global Pandemic. The Front-line workers have even ended up in the focus of some of your Good News Stories in recent months; like Nurses, and Delivery workers.

Down in Miami Beach one community decided they were going to celebrate a different set of diligent workers who have never stopped doing their job, despite the risks. You see, Saul Scruggs and Keon Richardson have never missed a day of work picking up trash.

That’s why Jennifer Elegant wanted to show her family’s appreciation. So she organized what was meant to be a socially-distanced surprise ‘thank you’ celebration last week to honor the essential workers whom she called “extraordinary”. Saul and Keon we’re especially glad they were covering their route when they discovered the beautiful surprise that awaited them.

When their huge truck rolled down the street into the North Bay Road community they found scores of residents who’d gotten up early to line the street with signs and balloons, each intended to be gathered at the end of their own drive, all to simply say ‘we love you’.

“They brighten our world, they brighten our moods because they’re happy and kind,” Jennifer said. “This was an easy turnout because everyone said the same thing: ‘Saul and Keon? We love them, of course we’ll be there.’”

Things possibly got a bit larger than intended: Mayor Dan Gelber and Miami-Dade Commissioner Eileen Higgins even joined in the celebration, presenting Scruggs and Richardson, 24, with a gift bag from the city and a certificate of appreciation from the county.

This large gathering with public officials giving presentations possibly caused people to forget themselves and they started gathering together and masks were not always worn properly. But it also brought out the Press, which is how it ended up as your Good News Story of the Day, which you can find here; be sure to watch the video for the whole story.

Regardless of how well everyone practiced social distancing, two men who deserved recognition received it. They also brought attention to an entire profession that could use a little more appreciation. As for how they bring so much joy as Jennifer says? “My job is to make sure they’re happy,” said Scruggs. “When I go outside to come to work, I’m happy.”

Story and Image from the Miami Herald.

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