Meet The Pintaloosa Mini-Horse Who Lives Like A Dog

In Croton, Michigan, there is a 2-year-old Pintaloosa mini-horse who is a horse of a different colour. His name is Freckle-Butt Fred and he lives in the home of his mom Ronica Froese, along with her son Dylan, and her 4 dogs. Just like most beloved household pets, Fred enjoys hanging around the house, playing with his canine crew, doing a little “pony yoga” — and, he’s even house trained to use his own litter box.

You might remember when Ronica and Fred caused quite a stir earlier this year; when he accompanied her on a first-class flight to California.

It seems like he is also causing a bit of a stir on Social Media with his own Tik Tok and Facebook pages.

He Enjoys going on flights.

And on boat rides.

But Fred is more than just a social media or news sensation. He is actually a service horse who is in training to take part in therapy sessions with children in the area.

According to his Facebook profile: Fred is a 1.5 year old miniature horse the assists his handler Ronica. His service horse training has been in conjunction with his therapy training over the past year. Fred is currently directive retrieval trained and very light mobility (his young age does not allow for any further mobility training until he body is fully mature) Fred will learn additional tasks that Ronica will be teaching him.

Unusual or not it is clear this service animal is well trained and well cared for.


Photo from FredMiniServiceHorse on Facebook

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