Meet Mr. Christmas: You can now buy an Alexa-enabled Holiday Tree!

The Christmas tree has served as the centerpiece of the holiday season for centuries, and Amazon is launching the ornate evergreen into the modern age by offering a manufactured version that’s smarter than ever before.

A smart tree dubbed “Mr. Christmas” recently popped up on the e-commerce giant’s website, and it’s a voice-activated pre-lit tree that was designed to mimic a traditional Douglas fir.
You can schedule the tree to turn on or off at the same time each day or select the lighting color using your voice. You can also use a remote built directly into the power cable.

The 7-foot-tall, faux fir includes red, green, yellow and blue color displays as well as more extravagant lighting effects like fading, twinkling and sparkling. It was also designed to eliminate cumbersome chords.Setting up the artificial tree is easy, Amazon says. You just slide the tree sections together using the built-in power pole. Once it’s plugged in, you can use your voice to get started. It’s branch tips are flame retardant, and like most fake trees, you can arrange the branches for a fuller or more natural appearance.

It’s selling for $303.38 [ US ] but is temporarily out of stock.

Not sure I’m ready for a programmable Holiday Tree, however a tree that gives the weather and plays music isn’t such a bad thing.

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