Many Good Deeds By Anonymous Couple In Florida – GNSOTD Thur, June 18th 2020

In Naples, Florida, there is a man who was born in Chicago, and grew up watching his mom practice modelling at home so she could go volunteer at charity shows, and his sister finish a military career by volunteering to help veterans; so he is well versed in the concept of kindness.

He also happens to be incredibly wealthy having married a very successful hedge fund manager. So what did he do? This anonymous man and his wife used that money to help those around them who were struggling during the pandemic.

Like Bill Shelley of Bill’s Cafe in Naples Florida, who would likely have gone under during the shut downs if not for a payment of $42,000 so the cafe could make breakfast sandwiches for hospital workers. That was enough for 100 sandwiches, 5 days a week, for 2 months. Two good deeds in one right there.

The couple also donated $10,000 to the Community Foundation of Collier County, another $10,000 to a Naples meal fund that creates jobs and food for the hungry, and $5,000 to a food bank in Pittsburgh.

And there’s more; two of their favourite restaurants were visited and between them another $5,000 was used to buy gift cards that were to be handed out to customers. More hungry people fed and businesses kept afloat. More than enough to be your Good News Story of the Day and you can find out more about just how some of that money was used here.

All of this without anyone beyond the people he directly gave money to knowing who they were. “I don’t look at my wife and I as anything special. We were just in a position to do something, and we felt we could do it and felt good doing it, too,” he said. “If nothing else, this has brought to our attention all the things that we take for granted sometimes and that we probably shouldn’t. We’re always now very grateful when we go out. Always.”

Story and Image from the Washington Post.

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