Man Returns Box Of Cash – GNSOTD Friday, Jan 24th 2020

There was an interesting situation that occurred outside the Westland Federal Credit Union, in Westland, Michigan. If you were a security guard paying attention to the camera feeds it would look like a man was able to make off with a cash box from one of the ATMs. But what you would have missed is that man doing the right thing.

George Condash was just doing a bit of banking when he made a discovery of a box of cash outside the credit union. He put the money in his car, and drove away from the ATM. He then parked his vehicle, walked inside, and put the box on the counter. “I said, ‘Is there a reward for $40,000?’ And I put it on their counter and they just looked dumbfounded,” Condash said in an interview.

It turns out a armored security guard had been unloaded cash boxes from the ATM and simply forgot one on the side of the street. It also turns out that despite the $40,000 tag on the box there was $27,000 inside. But still, that’s how George came upon it and earned himself a small reward from the bank. But that he DID return the money, instead of trying to claim it as his own windfall, makes this your Good News Story of the Day, and you can find it in full here. But when asked why he did it, George’s response is the best – “It’s not mine and any honest person, I would hope, would take it back in,” Condash said.

We hope they would too.

Story and Image from CNN.

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