Man Known As Papa Makes Quilts For Those In Need – GNSOTD Fri, Jan. 15th 2020

For the last 15 years in Utah, the 80-year-old Brent Rushton has been spending hours a day putting his wood workshop to a different use. Saying he never really got around the the wood, the man affectionately known as Papa, has been piecing together beautiful quilts instead.

These quilts are so beautiful that when he once made one for the Festival of Trees, it sold for $3,000.

But Papa doesn’t sell his quilts, he gives them away for free, to friends, family, neighbours, and more.

He jokingly suggests that he has a good reason for his generosity. “I spent the first 75 years of my life being mean, so all of a sudden I decided I better turn over a new leaf,” laughed Brent.

That seems a bit unlikely, especially since he has made and given away between two and three hundred quilts over the years. He says he used to spend 12 hours a day in the shop but as he has gotten older he has slowed down. “I’m down to about six hours a day these days,” Mr. Rushton said.

But he doesn’t mind, as it gives him something to do. “I’d go nuts if I didn’t have something to do,” he said. “And it happens that this interests me.”

His gifted quilts have gone to those near him, but he also has been caring for people others may have forgotten. “I’ve given them to the Road Home shelters and the veterans,” said ‘Papa’.

But the latest batch of beautiful quilts are going to a group he feels for especially, refugees. “Most of them come in with no belongings, except the clothes that’s on them,” explained Mr. Rushton.

He has been given some donated materials, and a bit of cash, but he buys most of the supplies for the hobby himself. This is a man who cares about others in the world, and found something he could do to help. And that is your Good News Story of the Day, watch the video and learn more here.

As for why Papa works so hard to donate these quilts? It’s simple; “I feel pretty good about helping somebody get a smile on their face,” he said.

Story and Image from KUTV.

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