Making Days Better Can Be Simple – GNSOTD Friday July 19th 2019

It doesn’t always take a grand gesture or huge effort to make someone’s day better. It can be as simple as taking part in a pay-it-forward moment at the drive through, or as one person did, a kind note and a small gift left for a stranger. This  woman’s kind gesture has gone viral after she decided to leave a note and free baby wipes for other mothers on a public changing room table in a restaurant. Tiffany Daniels discovered the kind gesture when she visited a Chili’s chain restaurant in Hermitage, Tennessee, and she brought her young daughter to the bathroom to change her diaper only to discover the free wipes left behind by another woman.


Now, while Tiffany didn’t need the wipes in that moment she did appreciate the gesture enough to share it online on social media and that inspired others to praise the woman’s kindness. It also took only thoughtfulness on the part of the person who left the note and wipes behind, and yet it spread joy to many and continues to as the story spreads! Who knows how many lives will be touched by this gesture? That is how positivity spreads! That’s also why this is your Good News Story of the Day and you can read more on it here.


Tiffany has since discovered the woman who decided to leave the wipes behind for other women.  ‘Every year for her birthday she does acts of kindness of every year, so for example if she’s 30 then she would do 30 things in a year,’ Tiffany explained. She expressed how nice it was to see a ‘positive thing’ going on in the world.


Story and Image from The Daily Mail.

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