Lubbock Texas Woman Rescued By ‘ Guardian Angels’ – GNSOTD Fri, Aug 14th 2020

In March, 71-year-old Betty Lewis had hip surgery. She was recovered enough to be out walking her dog in May when she found herself in front of the North Cooper Elementary School in Lubbock, Texas.

“I sneezed and when I did something in my ribs tore,” Lewis said. “I was in in in excruciating pain. I had my cane and so I was leaning over my cane because I couldn’t stand up and I could not breathe.” Next she knew she was on the ground when what she calls two guardian angels stopped to help her.

“All of a sudden I saw this red pickup pull up and Justin comes out, and he’s asked if he can help,” Lewis,said. “He talks to me and kind of calms me down a little bit and everything and then gets me where I can sit on the curb. About that time, then Meg comes around the corner. She’s checking my pulse, you know, making sure everything is okay.” Now, this being the US, Betty declined EMS, because of the cost, and the two waited to get a hold of Betty’s daughter to come take her to a clinic.

The two angels were Justin Guerrant, Assistant Principle at the Elementary school, and Meg Kattwinkel, director of Social Studies and Professional Learning for the local School District. Educators know what it means to care for others with no relation to them, and these two came to Betty in her time of need.

“I immediately thought, well, she might need some help,” Guerrant said, when he noticed Lewis on the ground, “I thought of my mother. kind of the same age. and just want to make sure. Meg saw me out there and she stopped and came by and want to see if we needed any help.”

“You do it, because that’s what people do, especially in Lubbock,” Kattwinkel said. The truth is they stopped just because they did. They didn’t think about reward or publicity, just of being decent people caring for each other. And if we had more of that in this world, we would have a better world to live in.

That’s why this is your Good News Story of the Day, which you can read in full here. Because we need more of this in our lives. If you have a chance to be kind or caring today, please do so, for no other reason than its the right thing to do.

Story and Image from KCBD 11.

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