London’s Happiest Bus Driver Had Hard Past – GNSOTD Wednesday January 16

It is never too late to find a better path than the one you are on, no matter how dark or hard a road you have walked it can be better. One man in London found his path was to help others along theirs.


Patrick Lawson was recently named London’s Happiest Bus Driver, but his life was not always a happy one, in his own words Pat admits that if he wasn’t on the streets in his teenage years, he was in jail. His life was focused on violence and drugs and then he hit rock bottom and asked himself how he ended up there. That was when he was able to make some choices and get some help to turn things around. He got help with his drug addiction and found the Single Homeless Project, which helps homeless people in London get training for jobs.


He already had his bus driving license, so this job seemed like the obvious choice. But when it came time to actually pursue it, Lawson was apprehensive, and ashamed of his past. “I was fearful they wouldn’t take me because of my past and my record,” he said. “I decided I was going to be honest… I spoke to a trainer and said, ‘Listen, I have a criminal record, is that going to be a problem?'” Lawson said the bus company, HCT Group, was willing to put their faith in him. He started learning how to drive a CT Plus bus around London. That’s when he realized not only did he love being a bus driver, but others loved having him as a bus driver, too.


He has since received the Hello London Award for Outstanding Customer Service at Transport for the annual London Bus Awards, and been shortlisted for the Top London Bus Driver prize at the U.K. Bus Awards. In just 18 months, Lawson went from unemployed to being known as the happiest bus driver in London, he said.


His secret? He greets every passenger who boards his bus and never stops smiling even when facing gridlock traffic. His attitude is inspirational as is his story and you can read more about it here.


Story and Image from CBS News.

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