Local Knitters Make For Warm Holidays – GNSOTD Thursday Dec 13

They call themselves the Mary Maxim Fairy Godmothers and they gather monthly at the famous yarn and crafting supply store. These ladies come from all over the area, Brantford, Cambridge, Dehli, Kitchener, and of course Paris to discuss projects they are working on or have finished and gather more supplies for their next project; which are donated by Mary Maxim. They make all sorts of cold weather items like hats, mittens, and neck warmers. It is a fantastic opportunity for the members to socialize and share ideas and they have been doing so for 32 years.


But what makes this a Good News Story? That’s simple. When finished, the hats, mittens, and neck warmers, are donated and will be distributed to various schools, community agencies and local nursing homes. Last year the group donated 1,989 items and this year the Godmothers have knitted 2,265 items. This is Christmas cheer and warmth being spread by a group who have turned a hobby into a charitable act. When you can do something you enjoy and benefit those in need this is a great act of love. So our admiration is going out to the Mary Maxim Fairy Godmothers this morning with your Good News Story of the Day. Find out more about where their crafts will end up here.


Image and Story from the Brantford Expositor.

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