Little Girl Hears Parents For The First Time – GNSOTD Friday, Oct 25th 2019

Q’ela Pierce, aged three, who had been deaf since birth, was recorded playing with her toys at a magical moment that not many get to capture. It was the first time she had ever heard her parents voices. The tearful moment was captured by her father, Quaneef Pierce, and shows the young girl at first being upset by strange sensation suddenly inside her head. But then you can see her be comforted by her mother, Nikitia Vasser, and later the joy and excitement of being able to hear her name being called by her parents.


The video marked the end of a long journey for the family, who were told when Q’ela was born that she had failed her newborn screening. After failing another test a few months later and then not responding well to speech and language through hearing aids, Q’ela became a candidate for a cochlear implant in January. Her surgery took place on August 29 in Nemours Children’s Hospital, Orlando, Florida, but it wasn’t until October 3, when her incision had fully healed, that her family were able to attend the activation.

It is a beautiful moment that will bring the family closer together and it’s your Good News Story of the Day; watch the video here. And take a moment to enjoy the blessings that you have in your life, be they sight, smell, hearing, taste, or touch. The world is a marvelous place that we are able to enjoy thanks to these senses.


Story and Image from the Daily Mail.

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