Lana Plank And Christmas Day Lunch In Waterford

Residents of the Waterford area and others who don’t want to spend Christmas Day alone, do not need to. Thanks to a member of the Waterford Tabernacle Church, Lana Plank, as she will be cooking a Christmas lunch to serve in the church.
“There’s always people who have nowhere to go, have no family, or are too old to travel to family,” said Plank. “I saw signs for different places having dinners, but not on Christmas Day.” Plank herself has two daughters out of the province who she won’t be able to spend Christmas Day with. So she decided she would do something for others who might find themselves alone and hungry on Christmas Day. Fortunately she isn’t alone in the effort! “Originally I was going to pay for it myself, but the church has said they want to pay for the food,” said Plank. “I was hoping if children come I could have a little gift for them. If people would like to donate a gift for a child we could give those out.” She has since found some local stores who were willing to donate supplies for the meal.
It’s going to be a full turkey dinner, with ham, and with sides of coleslaw, stuffing, mashed potatoes, vegetables, and desserts for lunch. “I do all of the cooking, it’s scratch cooking, but I don’t know if I’m going to have time to make homemade dinner rolls,” said Plank. “I was thinking of approaching local grocery stores to see if they would be interested in donating some buns.” It is a free meal and everyone is welcome to the church to join in the celebration. The church is located at 61 St. James Street South, Waterford, and the lunch will be served at 2 p.m. on December 25th. There is currently no need for help preparing the food but anyone that would like to volunteer can help with set up and take down.​ Those who are hungry and alone are welcome. Any donations of food or other items, such as salt and pepper, would be welcome.
Plank is also willing to deliver some of the dinners to those within the Waterford area that are unable to travel. Those who are interested in a meal or who just need a lift to the lunch are invited to call Plank at 226-802-1328 or Vicki Schleifer at 226-802-8445. “I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out, how many people come, how it’s received,” said Plank. “I’m not doing this for me. It was impressed on me by the Lord to do it and I just want to be his hands and feet extended.”
Story and Image from the Simcoe Reformer.
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