Kindergarten Teacher Surprised With Car At School – GNSOTD Wed, Nov. 11th 2020

For the last few years Secret Santas have been popping up in the U.S. offering large sums of money in various communities to help those who could use the lift. Already this year one has appeared in Idaho.

They asked a local news team to gift more than $500,000 dollars this holiday season. Secret Santa is always someone who wants to give but does not want the recognition of giving the gift. So they remain anonymous. One of the benefactors of this particular Secret Santa is Darci Orchard.

Darci is the type of person who makes everyone in the room feel loved and cared for. She is a kindergarten teacher at Templeview Elementary, in Idaho Falls. When the COVID-19 Pandemic cancelled classes, Darci organized a teacher parade and even delivered graduation signs to each of her classes homes so they would know they were valued.

But Darci has hardships of her own. She is a single mother of three kids, the eldest living with Down’s Syndrome. Last winter Darci was out of work for nearly a month when she was very ill and her daughter ended up hospitalized with influenza and pneumonia. The cost of medical bills and the worry of how to care for her family, as well as her students, has caused no small amount of stress. To top if off her vehicle broke down last fall and she couldn’t afford to get it fixed.

She had been saving to pay for repairs on her car, but this summer someone helping to water her lawn while she was away with family neglected to turn off the hose and she returned to a flooded basement. Once again, money that she had been saving had to be used to cover repairs on her home.

Her neighbour sold her an old car and she has been using it to get around; even though it isn’t reliable for long distance travel. She has not been able to save to replace it, but now she won’t have to. Secret Santa asked the EastIdahoNews elves to surprise Darci during a recent faculty meeting at her school. See what happened in the video.

Video: Kindergarten teacher sobs when Secret Santa surprises her with a car at school
From: YouTube
By: East Idaho News

They gave her a brand new SUV. This isn’t the kind of thing just anyone is capable of. But that there are those who are, and who recognize the importance of giving back to their community, and to those who serve others as Darci does, that is your Good News Story of the Day, find it here.

You may not be able to give someone a new car, or give away over half a million dollars in gifts this year, but if there is any way you can help lift someone in need in your community you will have done good work.

Story and Image from East Idaho News.

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