Kids Interrupting Zoom Meetings Common Survey Says

If you’ve been working from home you have no doubt had a couple of interruptions to your days work. If you are a parent of young children working at home then there might have been more than a couple.

A new study found that both working from home and helping with online learning has resulted in some potentially embarrassing moments. Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Sittercity, the survey of 2,000 U.S. parents of school-aged children took a by-the-numbers approach to assessing both the challenges and the opportunities unique to this school year.

Results showed that kids interrupt work related video calls as much as five times a day. Parents it seems aren’t always a whole lot better! The study also found that parents will interrupt their child’s lesson an average of six times since the beginning of the school year.

Now, this is a study from the U.S., so their school year began before the Canadian school year, but 6 interruptions in just a few months is a lot for parents who should know better.

The Survey also found there has been an average of six wifi resets per week, and that four “in-class” snack requests per day are now the norm for families with members who are both working and schooling from home.

When it comes to seeking potential aid for the parents while they are working the survey offered some numbers there too.

Sixty-nine percent of parents say they would usually rely on an older relative for help with kids at home, but no longer feel comfortable doing so. Among those whose child is schooling from home part-time or full-time this semester, twenty-six percent say they’ve yet to solidify their childcare plans for the school year.

47 percent of the same group say their spouse is home and can cover childcare, and 30 percent are receiving help from a friend or relative, 24 percent have hired a part-time or full-time babysitter.

Bottom line is, if you are finding that working from home while the kids are learning from home to be a bit of a challenge, then you are far from alone with that.


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