Kids In Hospital Get Lights For Christmas – GNSOTD Wednesday Dec 19

Each night in December, people gather outside Beaumont Children’s Hospital right before the kids go to bed. They do this as a way of giving a gift to the kids who are stuck inside and will not get to be out enjoying the Christmas lights this season because their treatment will not let them. So each night starting at 8 p.m., each juvenile patient shines a flashlight from their hospital room window, and the community – up to 1,000 people some nights – respond with flashlights, glow-sticks and police lights creating a brilliant display for the children to enjoy. One night Santa climbed the ladder of a firetruck to wave to the kids peering out the windows.


It’s called Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams and it was started last year by the Beaumont Children’s Pediatric Family Advisory Council at Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak.



Being stuck in a hospital bed is a lonely and scary time, for children it is even more so, they miss their friends, they miss their families, they miss their homes, and at this time of year it can be very depressing to miss the holidays. This effort by a community shows them that they are not forgotten and the attention of hundreds of people can be a great boost to their state of mind, some have been on both sides, Amanda Lefkof, a child life specialist, said “I’ve been in both places, I’ve been outside shining the lights up and I’ve been up in the rooms with those kids shining back down and they get so excited and they think it’s the coolest thing ever to see how many people are down here showing up for them.”


Find out more about the impact the initiative has on the kids in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from Fox News.

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