Indiana Program Feeding Needy Students – GNSOTD Thursday Apr 4 2019

Food Waste is still one of the biggest problems plaguing our economy and environment with precious few solutions being found. There is also big problems around people going hungry. One would be pardoned for thinking that those two issues could not possibly simultaneously exist; and yet they do. Every day some 97,000 tonnes of food goes to waste across Canada and experts say that 1/3rd of that could be rescued before it goes into the compost or the dump. At the same time 1 in 8 Canadian households (About 4 million Canadians) suffer from food insecurity. So what could be done to help with both of these situations?


One program in Indiana is looking to help with both by taking the food from the Cafeteria and turning it into meals for hungry kids. Or, more specifically, five schools.


The partnership between Elkhart Community Schools and the northern Indiana non-profit Cultivate Culinary School & Catering began in March and is the starting point for a program that organizers hope to expand widely in the community. How it works is that Cultivate picks up excess cafeteria food, items that have been prepared but not served, from five Elkhart schools three times a week, and takes that food back to Cultivate’s facility to be transformed into nutritionally balanced frozen to-go meals.


Currently the program helps 20 students at one of the schools but Cultivate’s co-founder and general manger, Randy Ziolkowski, hopes that it just the beginning. So should we all, because if programs like this, along with ones like the Real Food Rescue program take off, it could solve two of our biggest issues.


Find out more about this pilot program in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image from USA Today.

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