Hot Chocolate Bombs New TikTok Trend

One of the latest trends going around TikTok lately is Hot Chocolate Bombs, or Hot Cocoa Bombs, which are basically a hollow chocolate ball with cocoa powder and marshmallows in it.

You are supposed to drop it in some hot milk and within seconds its meant to give you hot chocolate with marshmallows in it. Some say they they work wonderfully, others say they don’t work at all, but there are nearly 40 million videos about it on TikTok, and stores have started carrying and selling these items as well.

There are plenty of recipes available online should you be curious about making some for yourself; including this video one.

But if molding and forming chocolate is new to you, it might be more challenging than this person makes it out to be. Still, it could be something to try out this Winter once the temperature dips down to Hot Chocolate degrees.


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