Helpful Ancaster Man An Angel To Neighbours – GNSOTD Wednesday, Oct 2nd 2019

In Ancaster there is a string of bungalows that make up a close-knit townhouse community, whose residents are mostly retirees. One of those residents is Chuck Gibson, who might be the best neighbour anyone could ask for.


Changing light bulbs, fixing plumbing, watering flowers, taking out the trash and bringing in the mail are the type of tasks most people consider simple chores. But if you ask Chuck’s neighbours they’ll tell you something different. “For me he’s an angel,” says Nena Lombardi, an 87-year-old who lives across the street from Gibson’s house. “Chuck is a very kind, considerate, thoughtful person, all packaged up. He really is a good neighbour,”  adds Kathleen Berry, 81, who lives across the road too.


Turns out that, while he won’t readily admit it, for the past decade Chuck has been helping those around him. Every winter he shovels the snow off their sidewalks. Every week he takes out their garbage and recycling, then brings the bins back in again. Every day he picks up their mail. Things he insists aren’t special; “Most of what I do is what anybody else would do, just helping your neighbours out,” Gibson maintains. “I could see that they were struggling with things … so I took it upon myself, you don’t have to keep calling me, I’ll just come over and do it.”


And it doesn’t stop there. His kindness and effort has been infectious in the area. Find out more about this remarkable man in your Good News Story of the Day here, and let us all remember that we are not alone in our world; and we don’t have to go far to affect change.


Story and Image from Dan Taekema/CBC News.

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