He Lost Weight And Saved His Life At The Happiest Place On Earth – GNSOTD Wed, Feb 26th 2020

Mark Gautier is a 39 year old living in Anaheim, California, and he has been brought back from the dead three times. Five years ago he had just emerged from a two-week coma to a priest administering last rites to him and his doctor informed him he really needed to do something or he wasn’t going to last much longer.

At 400 pounds it was going to be an arduous journey, Mark needed to change his eating habits and diet, and start to exercise and lose weight. His Girlfriend at the time, now his wife, had an idea. She suggested they go to Disneyland for walks.

Anyone who has been to one of these parks knows how much walking you can do there, if you’ve never been to a Disney park just know Disneyland is about 10 times the size of Wonderland.

It turned out to be a fantastic idea, Mark was able to get plenty of walking in and still eat some of the food he loved; just with better portion control. So now when he gets a turkey leg, corn dog, or nachos he shares them with his wife. And he has lost 150 lbs!

Your Good News Story of the Day, found here, tells us that we can accomplish our goals, even get healthy, while still enjoying life and all the wonderful things around us! In fact, Mark loved the park so much, he has since started working there!

Story and Image from Mercury News.

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