Have You Made Any Eco-Friendly Discoveries Lately? A New Survey Says You Are Not Alone.

A new survey Commissioned by Avocado Green Mattress and conducted by OnePoll of 2000 Americans found that two-thirds of them have had a moment where they realized they need to be more eco-friendly. Apparently being at home a lot more has woken people up to the bad habits they have had and many have begun making changes.

Here is a list of the Eco-friendly changes respondents say they have made since COVID-19 started:

  • Reduced the amount of food they’re wasting: 44 percent
  • Used paper products more sparingly: 43 percent
  • Been more careful of where they buy meat: 38 percent
  • Shopped more sustainably: 36 percent
  • Recycled more often: 36 percent
  • Reduced my water usage: 35 percent
  • Video chatting instead of traveling to see friends and family: 29 percent
  • Reduced my commute: 28 percent
  • Used time to read books instead of solely streaming shows: 25 percent
  • Started using a community garden (or their own garden): 19 percent

But they also say it has changes some of the ways they think about the world. Results revealed 79 percent of respondents have been thinking more about the connectedness of people and the planet as a result of COVID-19. 71 percent are now more conscious of buying ethically-sourced meat and 58 percent have cut back on the amount of meat they consume. And 81 percent of respondents plan to keep their newfound eco-friendly habits after the pandemic ends.

Perhaps we truly will get that better Tomorrow some have been talking about. Find out more about the survey and the results in our source.

Source: NY Post.

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