Hand Sewn Pillows To Comfort Cancer Patients – GNSOTD Tuesday July 30th 2019

Abbi Zamani knows that people battling cancer need to feel loved and supported when they’re undergoing treatment. Her mom is currently facing the disease and watching her battle it has inspired Abbi to kindness. So, together with her grandmother, she hand-sews colorful pillows for patients at Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute, Indiana. So far, Abbi and her grandma have sewn 50 pillows, but their goal is to double that number.


It is a kind of generosity which touches the heart; including that of Amanda Mouck, a registered nurse at the hospital, who said patients now bring their pillows in with them to each treatment. “It melts your heart. Especially someone so young who has so much kindness and empathy and compassion in their heart, and wanting to take her time to make these for the patients.”


It’s a truly touching tribute to her mom, but also an example of why you shouldn’t underestimate a young persons ability to not only exhibit such a high standard of kindness and compassion – but also the crafting skills that some never learn. Not only is Abbi quite adept at sewing, she will be starting third grade at Van Duyn Elementary School this fall. She says she will keep creating pillows for cancer patients while she is in school as well.


It would be lovely for this story to be an inspiration to not only adults but to other children. “I would say other kids have a lot to learn from this little girl,” Mouck said in the video you can find in your Good News Story of the Day here. “I’m hoping that kids her age who are watching this can find the kindness in their hearts to want to give and help others.”


Story and Image from Inside Edition.

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