Hamilton Woman Wants Cards For 105th Birthday – GNSOTD Wed, July 15th 2020

A Hamilton woman by the name of Ann Konkel celebrated a big birthday this week! She turned 105!

Unfortunately Ann spent her birthday in the courtyard of a hospital she has been at since she fell three months ago. When she was admitted apparently the hospital staff didn’t have much hope. Yet, even through the isolation, the loneliness, and everything; Ann kept going. That’s because this isn’t her first hard time.

Born in the Netherlands in 1915 she survived the Spanish Flu when she was 3, and World War II when she was in her 20’s. Her father died of starvation. Those weren’t easy times for her family; though she did meet her husband, Edward, during the war; he went on to survive POW and Concentration camps. Her family says he emerged a decorated member of the Polish resistance.

They married and moved to Hamilton in 1952. Her family said they lived in a rooming house, buying each room until they owned the whole lot. Ann worked as a cleaning lady while her husband worked at Stelco. Though Edward passed in the 90’s, she is still living in their home. A former operating room nurse at Henderson Hospital, up until a few years ago, she was still volunteering with the Catholic Women’s League and the Good Shepherd.

So when it comes to this pandemic she says she’s not scared. “No, no, no, you just have to adjust,” she told CBC News. Which might be the most simplistic and yet brilliant advice on how to handle this situation.

But what does this Ann want for her 105th birthday? Nothing extravagant. Inspired by Fred Arsenault, who asked for 100 cards for his 100th birthday, she is just asking for cards. She would like to receive 105 birthday cards, so she sent out the request that people across Canada send her a card. A simple request for a big birthday and your Good News Story of the Day comes with a hope that it can be granted. You can find the story in full here.

If you want to send a birthday card to Ann, you can mail your card to P.O. Box 10066, Don Mills, Ont., M3C 0J9.

Story and Image from CBC News.

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