Hamilton Mealshare Program Grows – GNSOTD Friday June 21st 2019

There is an interesting idea which launched in the Hamilton area last week. It is to give one meal for every meal sold at several restaurants, “We’re trying to turn dining out into helping out,” said Heather Laird, the program’s community leader in Hamilton. It’s called Hamilton Mealshare and 11 new local restaurants will now donate to youth charities each time you order certain items.


How it works is actually rather simple; the participating restaurants will put a Mealshare logo next to certain menu items. Whenever a customer orders one of those dishes, the restaurant will give $1 to Mealshare — which then forwards 70 cents to local and international charities. In the case of the Hamilton Mealshare, that money will be split between the local Boys and Girls Club dinner program and Save the Children Canada.


Hamilton is just the latest of 7 cities to bring in a Mealshare Program. Mealshare, a Canadian non-profit, started in Calgary in 2013 by cousins Andrew Hall and Jeremy Bryant. It now has a presence in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal, as well as Hamilton and has provided funding for more than 2.8 million meals.


The Hamilton restaurants currently participating are Mezcal Tacos and Tequila Bar, Bliss Kitchen, Born and Raised, Lou Dawg’s, Brux House, Kamoosh Bistro, West Avenue Cider, Merit Brewing, The Endzone Bar and Grill, Mill Street and 5, The American House and Taylor’s Tea Room. You may notice that that is 12 locations; that is because Mezcal Tacos and Tequila Bar was part of Mealshare before the Hamilton program launched, they have been donating for two months already.


If you would like to know more about the Mealshare Program in Hamilton you can find it in your Good News Story of the Day here.


Story and Image by Laura Howells/CBC

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